On story sharing.

There is such beauty in openness, isn’t there? We have much to learn from each other, but we’re so consumed in our chaos du jour that we don’t even realize this.

We just move from task to task to task, keeping our faces pointed towards a screen the whole way.

But you know what? I’m learning from my patients that everybody has a story worth hearing … everybody loves in different ways … and we shouldn’t judge others for where they’re at right now in life, but we should try harder to learn from what led them to this point.

Let’s lift our eyes more, look around and truly SEE each other. And let’s be more willing to share our journeys. The lessons we’re all learning are too precious to keep to ourselves.

Thanks for growing with me. ♡

Read more and be encouraged at https://growingnursedebi.com/2018/08/17/on-spinning-plates-and-already-craving-monday/#more-3185.

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