How we’ve come to this place.


Many of you may not know that “Growing Nurse Debi” actually began in this tiny potting shed in my backyard. At that stressful time when I first became a nurse, my husband built this to celebrate my finally having finished five years of nonstop school. He knew how badly I needed a special place to just be “Debi” again after spending all those years locked up in my study hole.

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On catching everybody up.

Totally confuddling my mind today is the realization that “Growing Nurse Debi” continues to grow! This is not because of me, my friends, but in SPITE of me. God alone receives all the glory here.

So … in light of all these new readers … I thought it would be a good idea to re-share the backstory of how it all began … ❤

How we’ve come to this place.

On grabbing hold of some squiggly, wiggly joy.

You can call us crazy, if you want. It’s okay. You can shake your heads with that knowing smile at the chaos that’s certain to become our lives. We don’t mind. You can even think it’s way too soon after losing our sweet Cookie just a week before. That’s fine. We just disagree.

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On encouraging Nurses.

I’ve never been comfortable with nurses being called heroes. Yes, we’ll fight for you – even though we don’t know you. Yes, we expose ourselves to whatever you happen to bring our way – whether physical or emotional. It’s all pretty contagious, actually. And yes, as we’ve all seen plastered all over the news and internet lately … sometimes we work under some pretty grueling circumstances.

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When it’s actually all of us.

We’re all in the middle of a “thumb-twiddling hurricane of a wait storm” right now, aren’t we?

Well, here’s a little glimpse into mine … or more honestly, all of ours. ❤️