On catching everybody up.

Totally confuddling my mind today is the realization that “Growing Nurse Debi” continues to grow! This is not because of me, my friends, but in SPITE of me. God alone receives all the glory here.

So … in light of all these new readers … I thought it would be a good idea to re-share the backstory of how it all began … ❤

How we’ve come to this place.

On trickling waters.

20151120_072003I wish you could sit with me this morning and experience the amazing sounds coming from this little fountain. It’s truly been a gift from God for me. So calming … so peaceful. Such a soothing balm to start the new day – I need this gentle perspective because, once again, I woke up with my mind racing with things to do ….

God uses this little fountain to once again remind me to step away from the chaos, and just listen.