Yeah, but can you sing? Like right now??

20180629_225900_00013598377934028608791.pngTrust me when I say that these last few weeks have been rather earth-tilting. I’ve personally been struggling with extra pain and that ever-pressing fatigue. I’ve watched helplessly as my sweet loves have each been fighting their own individual struggles, and I’ve even grieved as one decided that he just didn’t want to struggle anymore. We don’t know why … but he just couldn’t keep doing it. Continue reading

When nobody’s looking at you today.


As a nurse, when I step onto that unit in the morning, I know without the slightest bit of doubt that there will be people looking at me that day. Actually, it’s more than that. They won’t just be looking “at” me, they’re going to be looking “to” me, as well. All day long. Continue reading