When you just need a little nudge forward.

Today’s groan is not so much about the pain, as the weariness. That bizarre resistance I feel when I get up some mornings – where every movement I make carries a heaviness, as if I’m walking through chest-deep water.

I made myself stretch and go walk this morning, anyways. I have to.

And I’m not sure if it showed to anyone I passed on the street, but wow I struggled my way back home. The entire walk … I really just wanted to lie down somewhere. Anywhere.

The post linked below is how I push myself forward on mornings like these:

On moving … even when it hurts so much.

Perhaps today you need a little nudge yourself? To help you push forward through whatever is weighing you down? Take a moment and give this a read. I hope it helps, my friends. I really, really do.

Thanks for growing with me. ❤

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