On sharing one of your favorite worst days.

Don’t you hate how it’s the most difficult days that actually teach us the most? The ones that seem to engulf you in a neverending downward spiral that both hits you rapid fire, but moves in maddeningly slow motion all at the same time?

Yep, those days hurt, but they actually teach us the most, too. Darn it.

But be encouraged, my friends – I don’t know what you’re dealing with today, but know that none of your pain is ever wasted. There is great purpose rising from amidst your struggles. Hold fast. ❤

Below is Day 3 from the Nurses’ Week collection:

When the Pyxis attacks.

For some reason, this one is high on my list of favorite posts, but it was actually written about one of my absolute worst days ever spent as a nurse. May it lift you a bit today.

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