On revisiting that hole.

I suppose I’m feeling a little useless right now. Definitely restless. I want to get in there and help my brothers and sisters in scrubs. I want to help a patient through their very most difficult days. I want to just go out and do important things.

But my body just says, “not right now” to that.

So instead I stay home again today and hope to do something important from right here in my chair.

I wrote this one a few years ago when I was personally feeling the cumulative weight of pressures bearing down on several close friends. I sit here today feeling that same weight, but on a deeper, more global level.

Such pain, so many uncertainties.

Please read and be encouraged. None of this is pointless, my friends. Even though it sure can feel that way.

Thanks for growing with me. ❤


3 thoughts on “On revisiting that hole.

  1. …thank you again. Having to live with pain and frustration and accepting we’re not powerful at all is humbling. It creates a gap in which to reflect and re-prioritise. Hope, faith and love is what’s left. X


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