When it just has to overflow.

Two long days at the hospital … my body aches, my mind races. So much beeping. So many phone calls. Perpetual running. Endless distractions. Ridiculous tension. Such responsibility. Not a moment to breathe. No time to think.

Now I sit on my porch in the darkness. Such utter stillness. So much peace. The moon is amazing. The air crisp and clear. The only sound I hear is the trickling of my fountain. The sweetness of jasmine permeates the air.

My heart fills with the healing of this moment.

Other memories of today now flood over me. So many blessings. Such amazing colleagues. So many lessons learned. So many opportunities to love and be loved. Untold beauty unfolding from within that chaos. It was there the whole time. But I can see it now.

My heart now fills with awe for this day.

Our God is so faithful. I am incredibly tired but, even more so, I’m unbelievably thankful. Praise be.

Thanks for growing with me. ♡

“Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” – Psalm 116:7

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