On Irma nesting.

wp-image-217796965I feel like I’m about to give birth this morning. I’ve got those last-minute anticipatory jitters and I can’t seem to stay still. Instead of waiting for a baby, though, I’m waiting for a monster named Irma to come visit us in Orlando.

Everybody has been talking about Irma for an entire week now, and we’ve done everything (believe me) possible to prepare. Including staging our screened porch to look like an “After-Irma” picture before she even gets here.

It’s been a blessing to have so much advanced notice, but it’s also been driving me absolutely crazy because it seems to be taking FOREVER for Irma to just get here and “do it”. Whatever that “it” turns out to be.

Just rip the band-aid off already. Please.

Yesterday I worked at the hospital all day, so my mind was occupied with my patients. Last night when I got home, I was too tired and burned-out to care about any hurricanes. Just give me food, a shower, and bed.

But today … TODAY … I woke up really early (of course) with my mind in its own personal hurricane swirling with ideas for all the extra things that could be done around here to make “life” better if things get rough and we lose power for an extended period of time. Like for more than 5 minutes.

I think we could say that today I’ve finally hit the “nesting” phase.

So now it’s only 9AM and I’m exhausted. But we have muffins. LOTS of muffins. And the bathroom is clean. And every, single jug in our house is full of drinking water just in case we run out of the cases of bottled water I already have.

I have a giant (brand new) garbage can that is filled with water on the back porch that can be used for cleaning or whatever after the storm. The dog has been brushed. Every article of clothing in our house is now clean and pictures have been taken of everything we own “just in case”. And I have created “hurricane central” with all our supplies in one handy place on the dining room table.

I think I’m finally ready for Irma now, or at least too tired to care again. I think I’ll have a muffin and probably (hopefully?) sleep through the storm.

Seriously, it’s all pretty scary right now because the sky is getting darker this morning as the sun rises. Very bizarre and ominous to watch. But I’m thankful that the same God who controls the wind and rain, promises to hold me through it. Praise be.

Thanks for growing with me. ❤

“Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, O Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” (Psalm 9:10)

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