On being wide open and just walking away.

wp-image-824054803.jpgI have to be honest. It sure feels good for people to like what you do. It just does. As humans, we gain confidence through the approval of others. We grow and progress through each and every nod that’s tossed our way. This is how we know to keep pressing forward in a certain direction.

In the few weeks since “Growing Nurse Debi” has been undergoing expansion, it’s been incredibly encouraging to watch it steadily continue to grow. My heart smiles each and every time I see numbers rise where new people have joined along to learn and grow with me.  That approval is strengthening, and I’m just so thankful.

I’ve written before, though, how this is not easy. It’s scary to open myself up for a wider world to see. It’s hard to pour out my honest thoughts on here. And it’s even harder to just hit that “publish” button and walk away.

What do people think when they read my thoughts? They don’t know me. Are they laughing? Are they shocked? Are they shaking their heads at my horrible grammar and bad jokes? Or are they just incredibly bored?

But then I remember … this is not about me. It’s not. And it’s not about worldly approval, either. Absolutely not. It’s not even about my tangle of struggles. Nope.

It’s about the answers.

It’s about how great the power of God is as He strengthens and changes me. It’s about showing Him alive and at work in a world who’s forgotten He’s there – a world full of people who’ve forgotten they need Him.

Mostly, it’s about what’s happening after I hit that publish button. It’s about what He’s doing in the hearts of those He’s led here to read it. It’s about His approval. And about answering His call for my life. That’s really what it’s all about.

“Growing Nurse Debi” is my ministry – a long-awaited gift from God. Because of the changes that Lupus has brought into my life, there are many wonderful, beautiful things that I simply can’t do anymore … and there are times when this gets quite painful to accept.

But I can do THIS … this wonderful, beautiful thing of writing and sharing His hope. Lupus can’t steal this away from me.

And I’m so very thankful … just so incredibly on-my-face amazed at how good He’s been to me.

Through “Growing Nurse Debi” He’s actually revealed at least some of His purpose in my struggles. He’s lovingly laid this beautifully heavy burden on my heart to encourage others through what I’m learning. And He’s even provided the perfect vehicle through which to do it. How amazing!

My point with all of this is to ask you to partner with me by sharing this ministry with your friends. “Growing Nurse Debi” is not only for nurses, or people who are ill, or even those who may be wobbling under the weight of stress.

It’s meant for everyone because we all struggle. Admit it. We do. We all need encouragement. Every, single one of us. And we all need to learn from each other. More than we’d ever care to admit.

But really, what we actually need is something to hold on to. Someone to hold on to. The hope and healing of Jesus. That’s what we all need. He’s all we need, actually. We just don’t all know it. And we certainly don’t want to show it.

Thanks for growing with me.

“I have told you these things so that, in me, you may have peace. In this world you will have many troubles, but take heart! I have overcome the world!” (John 16:33)



2 thoughts on “On being wide open and just walking away.

  1. Debi, Thank you for sharing.. Your hope in the Lord is almost contagious. Surely God has given you this gift. And your sister Charlene has shared it with all “her people.” And the gift goes on…
    ..thanks! Blessings. Always. Ellen

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