When they follow you home.

growing nurse debi FB header 2017 UpdateI once brought a patient home with me. We had spent two days together and, when it was time to finally clock out at the end of my shift, this patient just wouldn’t let me leave her behind. She just wouldn’t.
So, she followed me home. She slept with me that night, and followed me around for days afterward. She’s even here with me right now begging me to tell you about her.
She was brought to the hospital very near the end of her life – basically living out everybody’s worst nightmare. She was bedbound, living in a facility with no family around, totally helpless, confused, and pretty much nonverbal. Her joints were contracted, her knuckles painfully gnarled, and every bone protruded as she was grossly shrunken from malnutrition.
She essentially lived each day curled into a tight ball – stuck inside her own little personal hell of existence.
It was very difficult to care for this patient – mainly because it was just so painful to watch her. She was clearly not going to regain any quality of life as she neared her end on this earth, so thankfully, she was being transferred into a hospice facility towards the end of our last shift together.
At least there they could concentrate more on palliative comfort care, rather than working to keep her alive like we do in the acute care setting.
I was in the room getting her ready for transport when she became restless and started muttering. She really hadn’t spoken the whole time we had been together, so I got close and listened. She was quietly repeating: “It’s gonna get better … it’s gonna get better … it’s gonna get better … it’s gonna get better … God promises.”
This made me want to cry. I leaned over the bed and asked her if she knew Jesus. Without even looking at me she stopped muttering and said “I love Jesus.” I told her that if she loves Jesus, then this is not the end – the best is yet to come.
Then she started repeating, “the best is yet to come … the best is yet to come … the best is yet to come”. Over and over again. 
This was such a pivotal moment for me. I had spent two days being heartbroken for this person because of the painful season she was stuck in. I had even wondered to myself why God hadn’t yet taken her home? She had lived her life – why allow her to continue suffering? What was He waiting for???
But, as my heart keeps hearing this patient’s words even today, I’m reminded that not a second of our lives is wasted. I thought she was just wasting away for no reason, but she was absolute proof of the contrary.
If we’re breathing, we still have purpose.
No matter what you’re going through tonight – there is reason to be encouraged. God loves you. Everything we experience in this life – the good, the bad, and the painful – all hold purpose according to His perfect plan. It will be used for your good and for God’s glory. He promises.
And, if Jesus is leading our lives, things only get better from here. This is not all there is – the best truly is yet to come.
Every time I hear this song by Jason Gray, I’m reminded of this patient. The best truly is yet to come. Please listen and let the lyrics calm your hearts. It really is going to get better because He really WILL have the final word.
Thanks for growing with me. ❤
Jason Gray- Love Will Have The Final Word (acoustic)



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