Herb sniffing and avoiding jail-time.

Three week garden update: Wow … things grow fast here in Orlando. I’m new to this whole raised container style of gardening, so it’ll be interesting to see how long it can withstand our intense Florida summer.

The sweet, tender basil has already begun waving the white flag at me, so it was harvested the other day. I’ll give that another try this fall – thanks to our perpetual growing season. What has to be squeezed into one short summer up north, is beautifully spread out over a whole year here because it’s never NOT growing season in Florida. But, unfortunately, that also includes weeds. They. Literally. Never. Ever. Stop.

For right now, though, everything else is thriving. Lots of tiny squashes, red bell peppers, jalapenos, and two different types of tomatoes coming soon. Hopefully.

And then there are the herbs. They’re ready to use now, but since I don’t seem to cook much anymore, I’ll probably just stick to sniffing them instead. That’s my cure-all for whatever ails you. Just go outside and sniff some herbs.

And did you know that herb-sniffing is currently legal in every state? It’s truly a win-win coping mechanism.

Anyways, I love to watch it all from this elevated level, but I have to admit that it’s a little intimidating to think that we may not be able to see out of our bedroom window soon. Maybe it’ll lower our a/c bill this summer?

Have a great Saturday and thanks for growing with me.


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