Filling Christmas holes.


Is this a different type of Christmas for you this year? Maybe it’s not turning out the way you had planned? Or, maybe you’re not getting to spend it the way you really wanted? Or, maybe you’re lonely and had no plans?

No matter what type of Christmas you’re having, be encouraged. This is an extraordinary day – regardless of your circumstances. Jesus came to earth to fill a hole in us that many don’t even know is there.

But, we all have it. All of us. We all need him to fill it. Every single one of us. And he gladly fills it because he loves us. That’s right … yes, he LOVES us.

So, no matter what plans you may or may not have had this year, you are definitely included in this one. And nothing will ever, ever thwart it. Nothing.

Merry Christmas and thanks for growing with me. ❤

“Joy to the world, the Lord has come … “





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