On mixing it up.

I’ve always loved to play with different plant combinations – juxtaposing different colors and textures so that they connect and complement each other. I do this on purpose. It creates drama in a garden. Makes it playful. Keeps it interesting. This is good for the garden. Good for the plants. Good for me.

Have you ever thought about the people in our lives? The family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, patients – even strangers – that come and go from our day-to-day routines? Some stay and touch us deeply. Some pass through quick, barely noticed.

Have you ever thought about that they are all incredibly precious? That they’re all created, loved, and sustained by our one great God? That each and every encounter we have has an intentional, previously-ordained purpose?

Praise be to our God – the great Designer. He gives us the people we need in our lives. He does it on purpose. He connects us. He creates drama. He makes it playful. He keeps it interesting. And it is good.

Thanks for growing with me. ❤




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