On connecting.


It was finally that moment. The one I hadn’t even realized was missing, yet it was the one whose absence I had tangibly felt.

I was still not feeling all that well from earlier in the week, plus I was admittedly a bit sad about not being with my family for Thanksgiving. Being separated on holidays is a relatively new thing for us – the growing pains are deeply felt. So, all of this together had me not really wanting to be at the hospital. I was weary and my heart simply wasn’t into it. I went and did my best, but I just couldn’t shake the funk I was in.

It was now late in the afternoon of my Black Friday shift – the second of two very rough days. So. Much. Stress. It had been overwhelming and even palpable at times. Only three more hours to go now – I should be excited by this point, but all I could think of was that there was still so much to do before I could go home.

I went into a patient’s room and closed the door. This patient was crippled from a stroke and couldn’t speak, but I talked anyways as I did my work. While I may have been happily chattering on the outside, my mind had already moved on to what I needed to gather before seeing the next patient. I was just going through the motions of getting everything done.

That was when the moment happened. Our eyes met, and I could almost feel time stop. My phone didn’t ring. There were no interruptions. No beeps. No stress. It was just this patient and a nurse alone in the quiet. Connecting.

This was the moment that had been missing. And it was beautiful.

Praise be to God for the gift of this single, beautiful moment.

Thanks for growing with me. ❤



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